LED lights are the latest trend in lighting. Have you tried them?

  • They have improved drastically over the past few years with new colors and shapes available. LED lights are instant on, contain NO mercury, and do not put dreaded heat into your home during the summer months.
  • Look for LED’s, they are ENERGY EFFICIENT, consuming up to 95% LESS ENERGY than conventional incandescent lights.
  • Most manufacturers guarantee LED lights for five years. The life expectancy is considerably longer.
  • Lower your energy bills and put MONEY BACK IN YOUR POCKET this season. 

Program RulesSpeaker

  • Rebate amount is $2 per bulb, maximum 20 bulbs or $40 per address per year
  • Purchase and installation must be between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017
  • LED bulbs must be Energy Star rated screw in or pin base.  Decorative holiday light strings/rope lighting are not eligible.
  • Rebates subject to availability of funds.
  • Customer must be current on previous 12 months of City of Waverly billing to be eligible.
  • Itemized receipt /invoice showing retailer or vendor name and address, date of purchase, purchase price, brand, and wattage. Product label and documentation may be used to supplement receipt/invoice. 
  • Waverly Utilities reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate rebate programs in whole or in part at any time for any reason without prior notice
  • Waverly Utilities reserves the right to inspect and verify equipment installation
  • Waverly Utilities does not guarantee a specific level of energy or cost savings will result from the use of product funded under this program

LED Rebate Form

2017 LED/Lamp Rebate

Submit your completed LED Light Rebate Form and your invoice showing the information listed above to:

Waverly Utilities

1002 Adams Parkway

Waverly, Iowa 50677

or email to: customerserv@waverlyutilities.com