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Hand mow small lawns and don’t over idle gas mowers.

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Waverly Utilities graphic identity guidelines offer a foundation for clear, concise communication of the Waverly Utilities identity. Repeated and consistent use of the logo is critical to establishing and maintaining Waverly Utilities' identity with our customers. Please adhere to our logo guidelines and pantones.

Waverly Light and Power Logo Guidelines
Logo Guidelines
See how you should properly use the Waverly Utilities Logo...
Logo Download
Logo Download
Includes high and low resolution, logo with mission, and logo alone...
Logo Pantones
Logo Pantones
Find the correct pantone colors and formatting styles to keep the Waverly Utilities image consistent.
Application for Service
Recent Media Releases
See a list of the most recent media release for Waverly Utilities...
Logo Pantones
Press Kit
Find helpful information about Waverly Utilities.