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Waverly Utilities Reliability Continues to Excel

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posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 in Company News

The average outage time for Waverly Utilities in 2016 was far shorter than other municipal utilities included in a reliability study undertaken by the American Public Power Association (APPA).

Results of the study show Waverly Utilities customers experienced 97% fewer outages than other municipal customers.

The average outage time in our service territory was 61 minutes less than the average municipal customer. In 2016, only 35 outages occurred over the entire 112 miles of Waverly’s distribution system.

“Waverly Utilities is proud to continue to support our community, businesses and residents with another exceptional year of reliable electricity service,” said Mike Litterer, Director of Operations.  “We were tested by a few larger outages this year due to car accidents and a transmission outage in NE Iowa to which our staff took action to restore power in a short period of time.  Our local presence in the community allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to restore power when outages occur, and 2016 was a great example.”