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Although your double-hung single-pane windows with interior storms are certainly not the most energy efficient available, it would not be cost-effective to replace them from an energy savings perspective alone. As an example, for a two-foot by four-foot window this would equate to $8 in annual savings. If you compare that to the $400 or higher cost for that window, you are looking at a multiple decades payback period. So try using our weatherazation tips to help lower costs.

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Appliance Recycling Rebate

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Appliance Recycling Rebates

Properly dispose of your old refrigerators and clothes washers and receive a rebate! Consider disposing your duplicate large appliances.

The electricity used to power those 'extra' large appliances really costs you. You can save TWICE by properly disposing of appliances. First your monthly energy use will decrease along with your bill and now we will PAY YOU to properly dispose of old appliances.



2017 Appliance Recycling Rebate Formpdf


Program Qualifications and Application Requirements:

  • Receipt showing 'haul away' from retailer or receipt from landfill/recycler showing proof of appliance disposal must accompany this form. Photocopies accepted.
  • Only refrigerators (minimum 12 cubic feet) and clothes washers are eligible for rebate
  • Separate rebate forms must be completed be each appliance submitted
  • Rebate amount is $75 per appliance
  • Limit 2 appliances per customer per year
  • Customer must be current on previous 12 months of City of Waverly billing to be eligible
  • Rebates subject to availability of funds
  • Waverly Utilities reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate rebate programs in whole or in part at any time for any reason without prior notice
  • Waverly Utilties reserves the right to inspect and verify equipment installation


Efficiency pays - stop throwing your money away and start saving today with the Appliance Recycling Rebate Program from Waverly Utilities!

While every effort is made to keep this page current, programs are subject to change. Please contact Waverly Utilities for the most current information at 319.559.2000

Submit your completed Appliance Recycling Rebate Form and your disposal receipt to:

Waverly Utilities

1002 Adams Parkway

Waverly, Iowa 50677

or email to:


True cost of appliances

When shopping for appliances take into account the lifetime cost as well as the initial cost. The appliance with the lowest purchase cost may have the highest cost of operation over its lifetime.

You may be spending more for your refrigerator than you think. To find out how much your refrigerator is costing you and if you should replace it, use the Energy Star Refrigerator CalculatorLink leaves this website.