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Don’t choose a lower air conditioning temperature when you first turn it on. It won’t cool faster –- whenever it’s running it’s cooling as fast as it can. Set low, it cools longer, not faster.

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Sign-Up For Service

Starting Service

If you are building or remodeling a new home, please fill out a Residential Service Applicationpdf and return it to 1002 Adams Parkway, Waverly, IA 50677 or submit by email within the application. 

If you are moving to an already established home in Waverly, please call the City Hall at 319-352-4252 or click here for their application.


Meter Deposits

New customers may be required to provide a security deposit when applying for service. Security deposits help protect paying customers from the burden of the few who attempt to leave without paying their bills. Your deposit is refunded to you with interest after 12 timely payments. The deposit amount is equal to the highest bill in the last 12 months for that location. A security deposit will not be required if you have previously established a good payment history with WLP, or another electric utility. A customer who has paid their utility bill on time for the last year establishes a good payment history.

If you are moving from another utility, please request a credit letter from your previous utility and have it mailed directly to the Billing Department at City Hall prior to requesting service, or bring your credit letter with you, if you are applying in person.

Transferring Service

You may request an account transfer if you are moving to another residence within our residential service area. If you are relocating and require service at both the new and old locations while you are moving, service can be provided at both locations. Security deposits are not required for account transfers when you have established a good payment history (12 months). All past due bills must be paid before additional service is provided. Your personal residential account cannot be transferred to another person.

Stopping Service

You may request that electrical service be stopped by calling the Billing Department at (319) 352-4252. Whenever possible, we try to provide next day service, but a day or two notice is requested to assure timely response.

Demand Service

Industry and businesses use more electricity than other customers, therefore, we invest more in equipment and supplies to service these customers. Because of the additional cost involved, our commercial accounts who use 50 kilowatts (or more) during a billing period must be on demand billing. The demand accounts are charged for the actual kilowatt-hour usage, and for the peak kilowatt demand (measured during 15 minute intervals) placed on the system during the month.

As a demand customer, there are ways you can control the demand by following an organized plan of power use. For instance, staggering the times you use electrical equipment and not turning on all the equipment at once can reduce your monthly demand billing.

Automatic Payment

Download an automatic payment form pdf

Utility services may be billed directly to your checking account at any bank, saving you time, effort, and postage. Each month you will receive your energy statement as usual. Your bank will deduct the amount due from your checking account, based on your cycle date of the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month. The deduction will be shown on your regular bank statement, as well as your next energy statement. You can either download an autorization form or pick one up at City Hall.

Budget Billing

Energy costs vary during the year which can make budgeting difficult. Here is a way to average your energy bill so you pay a similar amount every month. It makes it easier to budget your expenses. Your budget amount is based on the previous year's actual usage applied to current rates. We continue to read your meter to assure your payments are on target with your consumption. Periodically, your payment amount may be adjusted up or down with changes in energy usage or energy costs, caused by changes in your lifestyle or unpredictable weather. To sign up, call the Billing Department at (319) 352-4252.

Budget Billing Reconciliation

Once a year in May, we will perform a reconciliation of your account. This means we will pay you if your budget payments have been too much, or we will bill you for the balance of your account if your payments have not been enough to cover your usage.

Late Payment

The bills are due on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month, depending on your billing cycle. If your due date is on a weekend or holiday, we will accept payments until closing time the following working day.

Payment Assistance

Should you find it difficult to pay your monthly energy bill, we will make every effort to develop a special payment schedule designed to fit your budget. The Billing Department may be reached at (319) 352-4252.

Payment Locations

We want doing business with us to be as convenient as possible. You can pay your bill by having your payment automatically made for you by your bank, you can also mail your bill, or drop it off at City Hall. The drop box is located in the alley east of the main entrance. The customer service counters at The First National Bank, Hy-Vee, John Deere Credit Union, Security State Bank, and State Bank of Waverly will also accept your payment.

Bill Format

You will be able to easily determine your utility usage patterns and their costs. A return envelope will be enclosed for your convenience. Communicating with our customers is of utmost importance. Safety and energy education ideas through bill stuffers will be enclosed with your bill. We look forward to sharing new ideas with you.