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Replacing old appliances and equipment with new, energy-efficient models will help customers save money and reduce energy demand for the entire community.

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Tree Trade Program

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Sometimes, trees need to be removed in order to keep power lines unobstructed.  If we need to remove a tree from your property, we will make sure you can plant a new one to replace it.

Trees add beauty and color to your property. But, depending on where they are planted, they could pose a hazard to power lines. To avoid potential problems, Waverly Light and Power suggests the removal of trees located near primary power lines on your property.

Waverly Light and Power is committed to protecting and preserving trees. And we understand the sense of loss a customer may feel when we have to remove a tree. That's why, through our Tree Trade Program, we issue a credit, so homeowners can plant a new tree elsewhere on their property. Find out more by calling Waverly Light and Power at 319.352.6251.