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Keep up the habit of turning off lights as you leave a room, especially in summer. Lights add a lot of heat to the room. 99% of a light’s energy use is converted to heat, 1% to light. Use only as much light as you need.

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About Waverly Light and Power

Established in 1904, Waverly Light and Power is a municipally owned electric utility that now serves more than 4,600 customers in and around Waverly. In 1993, Waverly Light and Power became the first public power system in the Midwest to own and operate wind generation, positioning the utility as a national leader in renewable energy.

History of Waverly Light and Power
Learn about the history of Waverly Light & Power from our start in 1904 to the present.
Waverly Light and Power has been blessed with honors over the years.
Careers at Waverly Light and Power
Waverly Light and Power values all the contributions our employees make to continue our success.
Community Stewardship
Community Stewardship
Waverly Light and Power™'s employees devote time and are dedicated to help improve the community by serving...
Generating Reliability
Generating Reliability 
Find out how Waverly Light and Power generates electricity, then transmits it to Waverly, and ultimately delivers it to you.
Generating Reliability

Annual Reports 
View or download year-by-year snapshots or reports of Waverly Light and Power history.

Get an overview of the Board of Trustees meetings with the meeting minutes.
Power Speakers
Board Agenda
Our board meets the second Tuesday of every month at 4 pm at Waverly Light and Power.
Power Speakers
Power Speakers
Power speakers is a community service intended to give any audience an inside look at a variety of topics...
Power Speakers

Operating Statistics
Waverly Light and Power provides operating statistics.

The Evolution of Soybean Based Transformer Oil at Waverly Light and Power...
Rules of Operation for Waverly Light and Power
Rules of Operation
This manual is issued by Waverly Light and Power™ (Utility) to provide the necessary service...