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Waverly Utilities has integrated the City of Waverly's services (water, sewer, garbage) into our billing process.  As part of the integration, we've expanded your billing options to provide more flexibility and convenience.  Your new billing options include:
  • AUTO PAY:  To sign up for Auto Pay, please click here.  Once you fill out the one-time form, you can set it and forget it.  Your payment will be handled automatically and no additional fees are involved.

  • INVOICE CLOUD ONLINE: Text, Debit, Credit - You have the option of setting up your account online, which provides the ability to pay via debit/credit card, as well as view electronic copies of your invoice.  When using debit/credit, each transaction (up to $500) is charged a fee of $4.95. You can set up your debit or credit card in the online portal to notify you via text when your bill is due. You can then respond to the text with approval and Invoice Cloud will charge the debit or credit card on file. You can access Invoice Cloud by clicking here.

  • MAIL OR WALK-INS: Checks, Cash or Money Orders:  You may drop off checks or money orders (no cash please) in the dropbox located just outside our main door at 1002 Adams Parkway.  Please do not place payments into the mailbox by the road. You may mail your payment to PO Box 806, listed on your invoice; or you may drop off your payment personally.  Our customer service team is happy to help you with cash, checks, debit/credit or money orders.

Through our commitment to renewable resources, we are encouraging all customers to be eco-friendly.  Therefore, a $1 fee will incur for all paper invoices beginning September 2018.  Email invoices are at no charge.
We are excited to offer these expanded options to our customers.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at 319-559-2000.