Energy Tip

Although your double-hung single-pane windows with interior storms are certainly not the most energy efficient available, it would not be cost-effective to replace them from an energy savings perspective alone. As an example, for a two-foot by four-foot window this would equate to $8 in annual savings. If you compare that to the $400 or higher cost for that window, you are looking at a multiple decades payback period. So try using our weatherazation tips to help lower costs.

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Rules of Operation

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These rules of operation have been adopted by the Board of Trustees of Waverly Utilities. The rules are subject to change from time to time to ensure safe and efficient service in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

These rules of operation are intended to broadly govern operation of Waverly Utilities. Where a rule cannot be reasonably applied to a specific situation, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to act in an adjudicative capacity to resolve such conflicts. References to rates or charges and certain other terms and conditions of service "adopted by the Board of Trustees" refer to applicable resolutions adopted by the Utility's governing body.

The Utilities Division of the Iowa Department of Commerce regulates certain aspects of municipal utility operations. Unless a statute specifically provides for regulation of municipally owned utilities, regulatory authority is limited to those statutes referenced in section 476.1B of the Code of Iowa.