Waverly Utilities Temporarily Suspending Disconnections for Non-Payment.  Click here for more details.  //   Important Information About Waverly Utilities and COVID-19 Procedures can be found here.


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Waverly Utilities Temporarily Suspending Disconnections for Non-Payment

posted on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in Company News

Waverly Utilities Temporarily Suspending Disconnections for Non-Payment

WAVERLY, Iowa (March 19, 2020) – Waverly Utilities (WU) is taking the spread of COVID-19 very seriously and continues to make adjustments based on our emergency plan, guidance from local, State, and Federal agencies, and the situation within our community.  

Due to the growing concern regarding the economic effect this pandemic is having and will be having on our customers, Waverly Utilities has developed a revised payment plan.  While on-time payment is strongly encouraged, WU will be suspending non-pay disconnection procedures and waiving all late fees through May 1, 2020.

“We understand our customers are going through a challenging time,” stated Darrel Wenzel, CEO.  “As your locally-owned utility, we want to help as much as possible.”

At this time, normal collection procedures will resume May 4, 2020; however, WU is willing to work with customers and set-up payment plans, if necessary.

Customers who have received past due notices and will not be able to pay their bill need to call WU at 319-559-2000 to speak with a customer service representative about their specific situation. 

Waverly Utilities has plans in place to ensure employees will be able to continue to provide reliable, life-sustaining utility and telecommunication solutions throughout this situation.