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Cleaning a load of dishes in a dishwasher uses 37% less water than washing dishes by hand.  Rinsing dishes before loading them into the dishwasher can use up to 20 gallons of water and electricity to heat the water.  Just scrape the dishes and load. Operate your dishwasher only when it is full and enjoy your energy savings!

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Energy Efficiency Opportunities

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Energy Efficiency Opportunities

This section is a guide to help you save money through energy efficiency. Waverly Utilities is committed to energy efficiency and putting money back in your pocket. You can make a difference because all the little things add up to one big savings.


Energy Efficiency Rebate Overview

Waverly Utilities 2017 residential energy efficiency rebates include incentives for LED lights in your home, proper disposal of refrigerators and clothes washers, and heat pump water heaters among others.

Rebates for purchasing new refrigerators and clothes washers have been discontinued although a rebate is still available for proper disposal of your old unit. Each program we offer is explained in detail below. Browse through the sections that interest you. Working together we can save you money.


New Home Program
Spray Foam Insulation & Air Sealing Rebate
The best time to think about energy efficiency is before you build a new home – starting with insulation.
Compact Fluorescent Lights
Solar Water Heater
The sun can translate into savings for Waverly Light and Power customers. We offer rebates to residents who install solar water heating systems.
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LED Lights
LED lights are the latest trend in lighting. Have you tried them?

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Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Rebates
Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems.

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Heat Pump Water Heater
A heat pump water heater is a more efficient alternative to traditional water heaters.
Appliance Recycling Rebates
See a list of appliances you can get a rebate for when recycled...
Phantom Load

Phantom Load
Learn what Phantom Load is and what you can do to reduce it...

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
You may be eligible for a federal tax credit if you purchase an energy...
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Weatherize Your Home
Winter is here. Did you weatherize your home? If not there are still things you can do now to save all year long.

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Energy Efficiency Landscaping
Learn how to make your home more comfortable, and save energy simply by how you organize your trees and plants.