You need reliable, quality phone service - and we heard you loud and clear! Our enhanced digital phone services include local calling and generous long-distance plans.  Plus you can choose from services like anonymous call rejection, call screening, three-way callings, call waiting, continuous redial for busy signals, and more!

Digital Residential Telephone Rates

Local Calling Plan* $17.95
Local & Long Distance Plan** $29.95
Equipment Charge*** $4.00

(All rates are monthly unless otherwise stated)

*Local calling includes prefixes in: Waverly, Shell Rock, Denver, Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Janesville. Unlimited local calls. Three calling features. Contiguous U.S. long distance billed at 7.5 cents/minute. International calls billed at cost.

**Local Calling Plan plus unlimited calling features and 1,000 minutes of free long distance, per line/per month in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean Islands that are part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Usage exceeding 1,000 long distance minutes in the Contiguous U.S. billed at 5 cents/minute. International calls billed at cost.

***Voice Over IP (VoIP) to Analog conversion for multi dwelling units (MDU)

Note: Triple Play customers receive unlimited long distance under the Local & Long Distance Plan. International calls billed at cost.