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Although your double-hung single-pane windows with interior storms are certainly not the most energy efficient available, it would not be cost-effective to replace them from an energy savings perspective alone. As an example, for a two-foot by four-foot window this would equate to $8 in annual savings. If you compare that to the $400 or higher cost for that window, you are looking at a multiple decades payback period. So try using our weatherazation tips to help lower costs.

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New Customers

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New Customers

Rising costs are causing utilities nationwide to raise rates. Committed to keeping costs down for our customers, Waverly Light and Power is working diligently against the national trend. We want to continue our reputation for reliability by meeting our customers’ demands and help our customers save money by saving energy.  

Who to Call
Who to Call
Contact us about energy efficiency, renewable energy,  services, and before you dig.
Starting or Stopping Service with Waverly Light and Power
Starting or Stopping Service
Service Starts Here 319.352.4252
Application for Service
Application for Service
To apply for service, please fill out a Service Application and return it to City Hall at 200 1st Street NE.
Energy Efficiency Opportunities
Sign Up for Automatic Payment
The automatic payment plan allows your utility bill to be paid directly from your bank account.
InPowering Solutions
Green Power Choice
Help build Green Power and protect your environment. It’s easy to make a difference...