Industrial and Commercial Savings Opportunities

Cash Back

Industrial Energy Efficiency services are even easier to use today with a Cash Back option. When you make a demand reduction in lighting, C&I HVACmotors, etc. you will receive $100 Cash Back for every KW saved.

Steps to Cash Back:

  1. Decide what electrical improvement will reduce your current load.
  2. Choose the vendor of your choice to purchase energy efficient equipment.
  3. Call Waverly Utilities at 319-559-2000 for an estimate of your cash back.
  4. When you call, you will need to provide the quantity and model number of the equipment being removed and the equipment to be installed.
  5. We will come on-site and inspect your project.



Vending machines are large energy consumers operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, even when no one is around to use them.

Why install a vending machine control?

  • Save 46% energy - typically $175 per vending machine annually
  • Generally can pay for themselves in less than a year
  • Qualifies for a $50 Waverly Utilities rebate
  • Extends machine lifespan and reduces maintenance

Vending Miser

2023 Vending Machine Control Rebate 

InPowering Solutions® Stock Check

A trained energy consultant performs a facility visit identifying potential energy conservation and energy efficiency measures and provides both the utility and the customer a written report. The report will include estimates of project costs, demand, and energy savings, along with recommendations to include no-cost and low-cost measures. The customer will be reimbursed up to 50% of the consultation cost to a maximum of $10,000.  The Stock Check must be preapproved by Waverly Utilities and is subject to yearly budget availability.

After the audit is completed, Waverly Utilities will review and choose a few projects from the report with a reasonable payback which fit the customers and utilities goals for implementation.  After the customer implements the Waverly Utilities recommended improvements, Waverly Utilities will sight the improvements and then reimburse the customer the remaining portion of the consultation fee using the same terms as the first payment. Customers are allowed to participate in both the Stock Check program as well as the Cash Back if applicable.

InPowering Solutions® Expansion Pack

When your business is on the move, Waverly Utilities is here to help you grow. InPowering Solutions® Expansion Pack provides you a consultation (up to 4 hours) with a certified energy efficiency expert. The consultant will meet and talk with you and your architects about cost effective ways to design energy efficiency into your expansion plans.

Notice: While every effort is made to keep this page current, programs are subject to change. Please contact Waverly Utilities for the most current information at 319.559.2000. All programs are subject to yearly budget availability.